The Girl

Here’s the part where I write about myself because the rest of this blog isn’t about me.

Just kidding, it’s all about me.

I’m a musician, I also happen to have a vagina. I’ve been living life with this apparently perplexing dichotomy for about 27 years now! I started being a musician with boobs when I was 9. Actually, I didn’t have any then, but you get what I mean.

I have been performing in bands since the age of 15, with a bunch of 21 year olds. This is because the boys who were starting a rock band at my high school didn’t want a girl in their band. Thankfully I met a bunch outside of school who were A-O-K with my feminine affliction, and I’ve stuck with them for going over 10 years now. Our name is Decades.

Yes, I started performing with Dan (drums) and Liam (guitar) from the start. We’ve gone through a lot of bassists but have now settled on Curtis. All of the previous bassists and our current legend have been totally fine with have a estrogen-filled human at the helm. Infact I think they would be inclined to say that it has greatly benefitted us… especially in terms of our admin. Women just know how to get shit done, right?

I’ve never thought before I speak. So I decided to start this blog to just word-vomit my thoughts and experiences being a girl in the rock industry.

I’m a feminist, I want more women and girls to get involved in rock music and not get discouraged from the things they experience. All queens in rock experience the same shit, and I want to show that you can laugh it off (alongside the boys who agree the shit we deal with is absurd) and still kill it.

Emma XX