Merry Christmas Good for a Girl Emma Cameron

Merry Christmas from Good For A Girl!

Just a quick blog post from me to say Merry Christmas from Good for a Girl!

Merry Christmas Emma Cameron Good for a girl blog

Image: can you tell I am a professional graphic designer?

It’s been a great year; we laughed, we cried, we swore at idiots. Well, I did, anyway… Thanks to everyone who has read my ramblings and watched my interviews this year – you hanging out with me on this crazy, sexy, beautiful thing we call the internet is awesome and I hope I gave you something to enjoy at least once this year. Maybe twice? Did I make you laugh twice? PLEASE ACCEPT ME.

I’d like to thank the following people for helping me out with this GFAG biz this year;

  • My partner in life and crime, Moses (who came to Auckland and Aussie with me to film all the GFAG interviews and then edited all of the footage for me too!)
  • My twin in ‘getting shit done,’ and manager, Tom, and his assistant Max
  • Coffee
  • Beers
  • Marriage Iguanas
  • My guitar
  • Everyone who commented on my blog posts so I felt like at least one person read them

Good for a Girl will be taking a little Christmas break, to eat lots of food and drink lots of beers and buy lots of larger-sized pants for my new post-Christmas body. I’ll be back soon with more interviews, more whack-ass stories, more cool women in music, and a fuck tonne more unnecessary swear words!

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.

Emma xo

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