Gisele Marie Niqab Muslim Good For A Girl

Rocking out in Niqab

In light of recent events it was really timely for me to come across this video of Gisele Marie, a heavy metal guitarist who also happens to have a vag, on AJ+. Oh, and also is a practising Muslim who wears niqab.

And gives no fucks.

And just does what she wants because the majority of women worldwide are actually free to do what they want whether you like it or not, and no one else’s opinion actually matters so why even bother giving it?

As you can see; girl fuckin’ rocks it with her guitar which is aptly named Polka.

Gisele plays in a metal band called Eden Seed, and has been rocking her niqab since 2009. Gisele converted to Islam in 2009 from German Cathlocism after her father died; and everyone around her was totally chill with her choice and thought she looked badass in her niqab.

Gisele chose her faith for herself, and she chose to cover up in respect to her faith herself.

Some Muslim women choose not to cover up, and wear more ‘western’ fashion, that’s totally cool and respectable to their faith as well.

Some Muslim women choose to be chefs. Some Muslim women choose to be mothers. Some Muslim women choose to be astrophysicists, and some Muslim women like to serve their husbands. Gisele chose to be a professional musician! And 99% of these women will choose what they prefer to wear; whether it be religious garb or not.

Rocking Niqab Eden Seed Good For A Girl Gisele Marie Muslim Burka

You gotta admit; niqab is actually the perfect aesthetic for metal.

I choose to be a musician, graphic designer, blogger, and speed-eater. I wear the clothes I want, and I have the beliefs that I want. Sometimes my skin is covered up completely, and sometimes it’s questionable whether my attire is appropriate in a public space.

Sometimes, our western society still tries to police these things in me, also.

And just because this blog is on a roll with stalking Julia Deans, (making my blog the creepy culprit instead of myself…) I have to share this quote I saw her post this in a heated Facebook debate the other day over the ‘burkini’ saga;

‘Coercing a woman out of a burka is as bad as coercing her into one.
It’s not about the burka.
It’s about the coercion.’

– Arundhati Roy 

Get with the times, hums.

See the world through Gisele Marie’s niqab.

And like she says,

‘be yourself and peace for all’

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